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Mark Cousins, aka Deploy, is a Drum and Bass Producer /DJ based in the Midlands, UK.

His interest in dance music began by swapping early 90s rave tapes between friends at school. Fascinated by the different styles layered over fast breakbeats he followed its transformation into Jungle and Drum and Bass. Inspired by the DJs while raving at The Sanctuary, Milton Keynes, he bought his first sampler and record decks in order to learn production and mixing.

Mark has played the guitar from an early age and so later on, at the same time as honing his production skills, he formed a 5-piece indie band in which he sang, played the keys and rhythm guitar and tested his songwriting skills. The band had some success in the form of gigs in London, Manchester and venues in and around Northampton such as The Soundhaus and the legendary Rat and Parrot!

After a few years, however, the band decided to go their separate ways which meant he could dedicate all of his time back to his original love of electronic dance music.

While studying Music Technology at the University of Derby he collaborated with musicians and worked on remixes for bands. It was at this time that he relentlessly hounded DnB’s Nicky Blackmarket, sending him tunes and receiving feedback and much-needed encouragement.

This led to Nicky playing the track, Liquid Shadows, at Random Concept in Germany 2011 and passing Mark’s music onto Dread Recording’s Ray Keith. Since then Ray Keith, along with Bladerunner, has spent time guiding Mark on his production, supporting his music in clubs, on radio shows and with releases on Dread Recordings.

As Deploy, Mark uses the above influences to create DnB tunes that vary from structured songs to dirty rollers but to explore other musical endeavors he also goes by the alias of Dylan Wilde. This is a project where he can flex his vocal abilities and experiment in other sub-genres of electronic music and beyond. Nothing is off-limits here.

Recently Mark has decided to bring to life the Record Label that had it’s conception way back in 2006, realising it was time to create his own platform on which to release his and, eventually, other artist’s music, and so DTM Recordings was launched in 2017.

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