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Deploy the Music


The original vision for Deploy The Music in 2006 was simple. Create a record label which was focused on the entire musical spectrum of dance music, no matter what the BPM. And this is an ethos which creator Mark Cousins holds dear, with the label finally emerging in 2017.

Mark is a multi-faceted producer who has spent years making drum & bass under the alias Deploy. However, he’s now turning his creative output on more experimental styles of electronic music, which is where the idea behind DTM Recordings originated.

A new pseudonym for his sound exploration and the second addition to Deploy The Music’s back catalogue will pedestal the new alter ego of Deploy, Dylan Wilde.

Having started off as an idea, Deploy The Music is now a reality. And with numerous singles and EPs slated over the next twelve months from both artists the imprint is only looking to move from strength to strength.

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